Uncover History on Primary School Trips to York

For young learners, primary school trips to great British cities are a fantastic opportunity to experience education away from home, and to learn about the incredible legacy of ages gone by in an inspiring environment. With its roots stretching back to at least the first century, and as a city that has played an important part in every chapter of British history, York is an exciting destination packed with child-friendly attractions. An easy day trip from many other regions, it also offers more than enough to fill up several days - making it perfect for primary school trips. For a taster of what York has to offer, read on.

York Castle Museum

Established on the very site once occupied by William the Conqueror's castle, and possessing thousands of objects in its collections, the York Castle Museum offers a wealth of knowledge from across the eras. It also provides the chance to peek into the realities of Victorian York, World War II, and the 1960s - as well as displaying themed collections [such as Toys, Houses and Homes], and an exciting range of weapons and armour in the Military Galleries. For groups visiting on primary school trips there are some fantastic educational facilities, including the Victorian classroom, where some of the museum's inspiring workshops are held, and the studios where students can take a hands-on approach to investigating the collections.

Jorvik Viking Centre

The site of one of the UK's most astonishing historical sites, York lets visitors step over a thousand years back in time, to experience the sights, sounds and smells of the Viking past with the Jorvik Viking Centre, which recreates the ancient city of Jorvik. The roots of York go back even further, to a Roman city called Eboracum, which was conquered by the Danes in 866 and became the wealthy river port of Jorvik before fading from memory - until the ancient city was discovered right underneath the feet of modern York. The centre features authentically reconstructed streets, houses and workshops, which young adventurers on primary school trips can enjoy exploring alongside an eye-opening range of workshops - including Viking Battle Tactics, Viking Fashion, Viking Medicines, and Viking Sagas.

National Coal Mining Museum

As well as its ancient foundations, York has a more recent, but equally important, legacy as a vital city in a once-thriving coal mining region - making it the perfect setting for the National Coal Mining Museum. Here, students can discover this legacy by descending 140 metres underground - equipped with miner's hat and lamp - to witness firsthand the world of the mines and hear stories of miners and their lives. This is also an excellent opportunity for cross-curricular learning, with workshops on the science and technology involved in mining, as well as the history.

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